Tuning and Repair

Our tuning and in-home piano repair services are among the best in the industry. We perform quality piano tuning on par with the best in Florida.  We enjoy tuning the finest instruments, and are called on for concert tunings.  But if you have an older model, we’re still willing to help. The Piano Guys’ premier associate who does most home tunings is Roy Ratigan.  Roy is an excellent trained technician who loves pianos and knows how to preserve them.  Trained as a Registered Piano Technician in New York, he was a frequent tuner at Steinway conferences. There’s nothing in a piano Roy has not adjusted and gotten into good working order.  We also find quality technicians around the state to service the pianos we sell in other locations. 
We enjoy local service from other top technicians as well, including Ilya Rutman, Isaac James, and Terry Gilliam, each of whom has a loyal following of happy customers.  


Many people don’t realize how badly their piano has fallen out of tune because pianos go out of tune so slowly.  Most customers of ours are surprised how good their instrument sounds when we’re finished.  We emphasize getting it right over doing it quickly.  Why? Simply because we love what we do!  We are pianists and technicians who love to hear the results of accurate work!  Most of our customers find a new-found interest in their piano after we tune it because THEY sound so much better when THEY hear THEMSELVES play their newly tuned instrument!
We prefer tuning mostly by ear (which requires skilled training) over relying heavily on an electronic tuning device.  This is because the human ear can best distinguish the necessary adjustments needed to compensate for the inherent compromises designed and built into the modern piano.  The human ear has to hear the piano after it’s tuned and played–not the computer.  Most high-end jobs (such as concert halls, churches and other institutions) require aural piano tuning.  The Piano Technicians Guild requires this ability to be certified.
Protect the value of your piano by having it tuned once or twice a year.  This will ensure strings, bridges, and soundboards won’t break or become damaged from drastic “pitch raises” due to infrequent tuning!  Infrequent piano tuning mean you increase the tension on the frame and other components of your piano more drastically each time you tune it.  (And often the piano tuning won’t hold as well!)  It takes a technician much longer to tune a piano that hasn’t been tuned in a while.  This requires a pitch raise, which is essentially a “double tuning.”
A piano has 88 keys and about 220 strings (depending on the model / style).  It can have anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000 pounds of tension on it!  That’s like hanging 10 Buicks from your piano’s cast iron plate!  So if your piano has not been tuned in 5 or 10 years,  it’s likely that each note is half way towards becoming the next note down.  That might not “sound” like too big a deal but it translates into about 5,000 pounds of lost tension (or one and a half Buicks)! And a piano tuner has to replace this tension in one sitting, one string at a time, torquing one side of the piano, then the other…  Your piano doesn’t deserve this drama.  So it’s WAY better for your piano to be tuned more frequently (once or really twice a year is recommended).
You might ask: “How can a piano lose 5,000 pounds of tension if it falls flat a mere 1/2 of a note?”  It’s because tension rises EXPONENTIALLY.  So (generally) the higher you pull a string, the FASTER the tension rises each rotation of the tuning pin.  This is also why the high notes fall flat before the lower ones.  And this is why you should tune your piano before the loss of tension gets too bad.  This way you are only adding about 400 pounds of tension each year.
Well…that’s too much science to include here.  But you would too if you were made of wood and felt and had the weight of ten Buicks hanging off your back! To help your piano last (as well as each tuning last) we recommend that you have us install a piano dehumidifier in your piano (if you don’t already have one installed). We have new and used units available.
It can vary depending on your piano or it’s condition, and also your proximity to The Piano Guys.  You can contact us here for a quote. Don’t wait, as our schedule fills up fast and we’d like to get you in when you need it, but we do have to book ahead at times.

Servicing Charlotte and Sarasota counties, as well as most of Lee, Collier, Manatee, and Desoto counties.  We often schedule in the greater Tampa area too.  This includes (but is not limited to) Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Englewood, Rotonda, and Venice.  It also includes Nokomis, Sarasota, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, and Arcadia, Florida.  An additional mileage charge applies for calls farther from our wareouse and showroom.


We are also listed with the Better Business Bureau where you can verify our quality of work and customer service.  You will also see that we have an A+ rating.

The Piano Guys, LLC is a BBB Accredited Piano Store in Port Charlotte, FL